Event : "Symbiosis for Bridging Gaps in Education". 7th December 2013

Ruby and I attended a whole day event.
Theme: Collaboration between NGO/NPO , Corporates and Government
The theme resonated in all the panel discussions and presentations.
1.Presentations by some NPO/NGO/Corporates: what is working model.
2.Panel discussion : Between NGO/NPO - How/Why/Can they Collaborate.
Everyone feels they have to Collaborate
3.Panel discussion : Between Corporates - How/Why/Can they Collaborate.
Not necessarily corporates can or will collaborate, unless there is some shared and common values.
The Corporates pointed out that the NGO/NPO should facilitate the Collaboration between them.
4.Panels discussion by 6 Students(From 5th standard to College) from 3 representative NGO/NPO;
This was the highlight of the day. They discussed why students don't go to school, what problems they feels
Why they want to school or what they expect from education.
They said: Economic conditions is not the only reason, the parents are not aware of the importance of education.
Girl students are discouraged by the relatives and others.
They go to school to learn, to have friends and have fun, to get better living standards, to become better citizens, to improve their characters.
The students showed great confidence on stage and as one students mentioned, the "Change is On" and I am the Change.

Actions Points/Outcome : A initial Task force/Teams have to be formed in the following areas:
1.PL(Pedagogy and Alternate learning)2.Delivery 3.Mentoring 4.Technology 5 Metrics 6.Advocacy and Awareness.7 Training Materials

I have agreed to volunteer for Technology team.

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