Cry for help, in times of Corona: The Team Behind the Scenes

An on-the-ground report from One Billion Literates Foundation
This is different kind of field story from our usual ones; our stories are usually about what we see on the field. This one is about the incredible team that makes this all possible. This is one of the best teams I have been part of; probably the best – for the sheer selfless commitment and dedication that it brings each hour, each day, each week; often at risk to themselves.
As with any good team each person has an assigned role; but as anyone who has worked in a high performing team knows, that all alone is not enough. For a team to move from good to great, you need members who have an intuitive understanding of what is needed, will assume responsibility without being asked, and will take decisions based on what is most important for the constituency we are serving. That is what this team from OBLF is all about.
On the front-lines are our para-teachers and supervisors – Anand, Antony, Padma, Bharathi, Kavitha, Shilpa, Ranjini and Vinutha; leading this motley crowd and inspiring them is our incredible Program Manager, Mahesh Shetty. Ensuring our stories are heard loud and clear and in the most compelling manner is our amazingly creative and talented Faiza Khan. Any endeavour like this needs to be tightly managed, ensuring we are keeping all stakeholders informed, reaching out to constituents who have a stake in us – and the person for all seasons who does that amazingly well is our own redoubtable Ruby Kamdin; she described herself as the Foundation’s “foster-mother” – she is that and much more; and finally inspiring all of us all the time with her dedication to the cause is the Foundation’s founder, Anamika; locked down in distant Boston, she has been inspiring with her unwavering determination to make a difference to lives back here in India.
You – the readers and generous donors – will not recognize these names or know these faces. But these are the wonderful people who are bringing to life your dreams, your vision, your generosity; to them – our gratitude.
There still is a lot to be done. The need continues to be immense. The pain immeasurable. To help One Billion Literates Foundation continue our mission to help populations on the margins stave off hunger and starvation, please donate:

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