In Times Of Corono, Team OBLF, End Of Week 4:


Our biggest week so far. 14860 kgs (nearly 15MT in a week!). 6400 lives touched.
Overall - since we started 4 weeks ago - we have done *30510 kgs (30.5 MT) of dry rations! Touching approx. 13100 lives. And distributed about 4000 face masks.*

The team is taking a break for a couple of days as we take stock and replenish;

A quick field story from today:
Imagine a kilometre long stream of paper and plastic waste; Imagine a small hill of empty plastic bottles; Imagine another hill of empty beer bottles; imagine large puddles of stagnant water; imagine the smell that hangs heavy in the hot humid air; now imagine nearly a hundred families (approx 400 people, we are told) living in the midst of that; women, small children; this is the rag-picker’s settlement of Heelalige. This is also their storage, sorting, and segregation Center; They tell me they have been living there for the last 9 years; it’s a mixed community and they make it a point to tell me that they are happy living there; most of them have no ID cards, no ration cards; cooked food last came a week ago; some kind people in the neighbourhood have been giving them a little rice and wheat flour;
We are able to leave just enough for a hundred people there; it will last them just a few days; we will have to go back again; Mahesh, our usually unflappable and stoic Program Manager, is shaken and that’s saying something;

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