COVID Second wave

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The Collection of Pictures From the Field

COVID First wave

Given the situation with Covid 19 and the lockdown in the country, OBLF decided to pivot quickly and focus on providing relief to those impacted the most by the lockdown and its economic and social outcomes. OBLF decided to focus primarily in Anekal Taluk considering its decade-long history with this region and its deep connections via our parateachers who belong to these very same communities and villages. In terms of specific activities, OBLF focused on three areas: (a) procuring and providing a dry ration kit to impacted migrant and non-migrant populations, (b) providing fabric face masks, industrial gloves, and sanitisers to these populations, and (c) conduct hygiene awareness sessions at Panchayats with front line workers and migrant communities. Over the last two months of our operations, we have delivered 60T of dry rations and touched approximately 40,000+ lives via this process.

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The team has been on the field almost every day, working with those living in these rural communities to identify those suffering the most and delivering ration kits to them. Displayed below is a collection of field stories from our time in the field; these represent our direct experiences, and are also indicative of the massive challenge still ahead of us.

A Collection of field Stories

The Collection of Pictures From the Field