Our approach

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Founding Philosophy

In 1947 the Government of India invested in education by providing free primary school education to its young citizens. One Billion Literates is an aspirational effort to break an enormous problem into smaller/manageable parts. The vision leverages the existing physical infrastructure of public elementary schools and outlines a customized curriculum to support students beyond classroom learning. 

From one school, one rural district of Anekal outside Bangalore, the program can be replicated in other parts of the country and has the potential to educate all ages from childhood to adulthood. OBLF leverages the “multiplier effect” of literacy to empower people, enabling them to participate fully in society and contributing to improving livelihoods.

We are dedicated to creating equitable platforms to bridge the urban rural divide in rural India


One Billion Literates Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of rural communities through a systemic focus on primary education, public health, developing socio-economic capacity for women, and rehabilitating the severely poor.


Empowering transformations in rural communities

Our Focus

OBLF has two equally important areas of thrust and impact. The first has been towards curating high quality and research driven curriculum on English and basic Computer literacy. The second area of emphasis has been on socially empowering, capacitating, and creating employment for semi educated women from these communities. This dualistic approach has created a sustainable model of gaining and imparting education through collective community action.