Kickstart: Rural Women’s Skilling and Livelihood

OBLF strongly believes that for social development initiatives to be sustainable and scalable, the community must be deeply engaged and invested in the programs. Based on this philosophy, a two-pronged approach was innovated, that creates appropriate skills, capacity and agency in women and also providing them direct employment & livelihood in OBLF’s Education and Public Healthcare programs.

This approach works as a unified program delivery system by identifying and training semi-educated women from within the communities that OBLF engages with. These women are then subsequently employed as either community teachers at OBLF schools or as frontline health workers in the public health initiatives.

Over the last 12 years, OBLF has trained and skilled more than 350 women, and currently employs close to a hundred of these women in its programs across Education and Healthcare.

Impact reported over the years has shown women to have advanced in the following areas within the communities.

  • 93% take an active role in house-hold decision making
  • 176% increase in household income
  • 98% have a personal bank account
  • 83% reported increase in awareness of gender, safety and related social issues
  • 27% of monthly income saved
  • 92% felt ‘very confident’ about financial decision making
  • 98% reported increased confidence in their own abilities: mobility, communication, identity
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