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Globally, 773 million youth and adults cannot read and write, and 250 million children are failing at basic literacy skills.

UNESCO over the years has concluded that acquiring and improving literacy skills throughout life are an intrinsic part of the right to education. Beyond its conventional concept as a set of reading, writing and counting skills, literacy is now understood as a means of identification, understanding, interpretation, creation, and communication in an increasingly digital, text-mediated, information-rich and fast-changing world.

OBLF has grown from an educational program in one school into a comprehensive multi-level program creating a self-sustainable and thriving ecosystem that provides education, livelihoods, opportunities for women and access to quality healthcare. 

We serve the Anekal District with 850,000 people in 227 villages outside Bangalore.


Foundational & Primary Education


Rural Women’s Skilling and Livelihood


Public Health Initiatives


Community Rehabilitation

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We are changemakers in education, women’s empowerment, and public health.